General Terms and Conditions for Tuition

General Terms and Conditions for Tuition

§1 Preface

1.1 These general terms and conditions (“GT&Cs” hereinafter) apply to contractual relationships between thePlanet Drum – Finest Drum and Percussion School, proprietor Mirko Schmitt, Wilhelm- Kabus-Straße 34, Haus 10A, 10829 Berlin (“thePlanetDrum” hereinafter) and the student or his/her parent or guardian, (“student” hereinafter).

§2 Provision of teaching, attendance, and failure to attend

2.1 Unless stated otherwise in the tuition agreement, teaching takes place regularly at the fixed appointment time in thePlanetDrum’s rooms.

2.2 The length of a teaching session is based on the duration set out in the agreement. For two weeks during the Berlin Christmas holidays, on public holidays, and for three weeks of the Berlin summer holidays, no teaching will take place.

2.3 Regular attendance at lessons is expected. Students who miss lessons, even in the event of short- term illness or for other reasons such as holidays or school events, do not have any claim to have the fee refunded or reduced. They also have no claim to catch-up lessons or rescheduling of lessons.

2.4 If a teacher is unable to attend, the lesson will be taken by a substitute or, by individual agreement, rescheduled.

§3 Tuition fees

3.1 Tuition fees are payable monthly in advance and are based on the relevant current price and payment schedule. Changes to the price and payment schedule will be communicated to students promptly. Monthly amounts will be payable even for the tuition-free periods set out in point 2.2.

3.2 thePlanetDrum charges a copy license fee of EUR 1.00 per month for every student with an active tuition agreement. This fee is collected together with the tuition fee.

3.3 Fees are paid by direct debit on the first of each month or the following working day.

3.4 In the event of an unjustified return debit, thePlanetDrum is authorized to charge the student the return debit fee levied by the bank.

§4 Term of agreement and termination

4.1 The tuition agreement is concluded for an indefinite term. It can be properly terminated by both parties with a notice period of 3 months from the end of the month.

§5 New provisions

5.1 thePlanetDrum reserves the right to make new provisions as regards tuition and organization at any time, for example changes to appointment times, use of a different teacher and adjustments to rates.

§6 Liability

6.1 No liability is accepted for loss of or damage to clothes, baby transport, bicycles, valuables, money and where applicable instruments.

6.2 Supervision is only provided during tuition.

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