Johannes Hauser

Johannes Hauser

Johannes Hauser

Johannes was born in Tyrol, and started off on his music career as early as eight years of age, first on piano and later on percussion. From classical percussion training in Tyrol, he moved on to the the Soundklinik in Tyrol, the Drummer’s Focus in Munich, and finally the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he graduated with a B.A. in Music Education in the field of pop and jazz percussion.

After this, his enthusiasm for experimentation with a wide range of musical styles took Johannes to America, where he went to the Drummer’s Collective in New York to find new inspirations and guidance.

Since then, Johannes has been touring and composing, working as a session drummer and film composer.

His successes include concerts at the Waldbühne in front of an audience of 17,000, as well as tours and concerts with acts including Knappe, Namika, RIA, Emily Roberts, and Staubkind.

His high levels of dedication have allowed him to make a number of contacts among well-known musicians, including Ralf Gustke (Söhne Mannheims / studio music), Wolfgang Haffner (Haffner Band / ZDF studio drummer), and Henning Rümenapp (producer for Guano Apes).

Johannes has been an established part of our thePlanetDrum teaching staff since mid-2022.

Teaching languages: English and German