Max May

Max May

Max May

Max was raised in a family of musicians. He was barely able to walk and talk when, at the tender age of three, he first sat behind a drum kit in his father’s jazz cellar. At the age of six, Max began formal lessons at the Neukölln School of Music and later successfully applied to the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Gymnasium in Berlin.

Under the guidance of Prof. Sanja Fister, Max received training in classical percussion, timpani, marimba, vibraphone, and xylophone. He also honed his jazz drumming skills with Prof. Mario Würzebesser at institutions like the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler and the “Universität der Künste“.

Feeling a bit disillusioned with the conservative and classical approach, Max took about two years off before rediscovering his passion for the drum set. He dabbled in various Berlin punk projects, explored genres like jazz, funk, pop, rock, and prog-rock. In this time he gained his first bigger studio and live gig experience before he gravitated into heavy music – from metal and hardcore to more progressive subgenres like djent, deathcore, and metalcore.

Through studio sessions and live performances with different bands, Max’s path crossed with Mirko Schmitt, who connected him with Alberto Atalah. Around 2014, Max began studying with Alberto, focusing on double bass drumming, polyrhythms, and odd meters.

Today Max tours worldwide with his band CLEARxCUT and serves as a live drummer for several bands.

Since 2019, he’s been sharing his knowledge as a drum instructor, and since 2023, he’s been a permanent member of the thePlanetDrum team.

Teaching languages: German & English